Episode 23: Results Begin with the Leader

Some people like the term, the new normal, but the reality is that we need to learn how to do things different now. It's not going to be the same. 

There has never been more demand for the products and services that you and your company give, it is just a matter of whether or not you are willing to do what it takes to move your team to the next level in this new world.


1. Leaders Implement Change.

“One of the emerging leadership trends in 2021 is that rapid change (now that it is possible) will become the norm,” says Maureen Metcalf a recent Forbes article.

The key difference between the ‘best and the rest’ is how companies manage the time, talent, and energy of their workforces. 

Time: What each employee has to dedicate to productive work daily.

Talent: What each worker brings to their job.

Energy: How much each employee is prepared to invest in their work and contribute to the success of the company. 


QUESTION: What changes do you need to implement?


2. Leaders Encourage Balance.

Leaders need to be good at both results and relationships. 

Results ensure that the team continues to move forward.

Relationships are important, because without relationships, you are dead in the water as a leader. The most effective leaders are going to be able to move into deeper relationships with each of the people on their team. 


QUESTION: How do you ensure you and your people can stay balanced and productive when the sprint turns into a marathon?


3. Leaders Model Expectations.

You are the one that has the responsibility to shape expectations. 

“You get what you tolerate.” — Henry Cloud  

You as the leader need to define what the future of work at your company will look like. 

  • Adding Value 
    • True leadership means that you can help your people become better at what they do.
  • Inspiring Others
    • It is more than just what you do at work, but nurturing and helping employees grow in all areas of life.


QUESTION: What are the expectations for ongoing speed?


MO’S Final Thoughts:

It’s  not one or the other… it is both results and relationships. Help your people get what they need to get done for the team and the company while at the same time helping them to become better and more skillful. When you do these in tandem, you will set your team, and yourself, up to win.


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